Bucket ear is a congenital condition that occurs when the angle of the ear with the head is wider than it should be or the upper part of the ear is angled forward. Although there is no problem in terms of hearing in the ear, it causes aesthetic problems and sometimes even psychological and social problems.

Although it does not seem to be an important health problem, especially because of being ridiculed by friends in childhood or developing obsessions in adolescence or emerging aesthetic concerns during youth, our prominent ear patients frequently apply to our clinic for ear aesthetic (otoplasty) surgery.

The good news is that bucket ear surgery (otoplasty) is not a difficult operation. With local anesthesia, that is, without putting the patient to sleep, an incision is made behind the ear and the excess cartilage tissue is removed and the remaining part is brought together and closed again. The operation takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. After the operation, the patient is discharged on the same day after being observed for a few hours and can return to his daily life one day later.

Bucket ear is a childhood aesthetics problem, it is better to correct it at an early age. However, the age of 5-7 required for the ear anatomy to be settled to a great extent should be exceeded. In addition, it should not be overlooked that the surgery should be performed with general anesthesia rather than local anesthesia, as there will be a problem in the patient’s compliance during the operation at a young age.

It will be appropriate to use a special bandage that brings the ear closer to the head for 10 days after the operation. With timely dressings and a little attention, the postoperative recovery period will finish  without any problems.

Because of the low vascularity of the ear and its anatomical structure, postoperative complications are not common, but the most common complications are hematoma (blood accumulation under the skin) and infection. These problems can be treated in a short time with appropriate dressing and medication. Although the suture scar after the operation will not be noticeable because it is located behind the ear and aesthetic sutures, it will become unnoticeable in the long term.

In summary, bucket ear surgery or in other words, ear aesthetic surgery (otoplasty), although it is not a health problem related to hearing, should not be postponed due to the magnitude of the consequences and should not be feared due to the simplicity of the surgery, and offer the patient a definitive solution.

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