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For our International Patients we provide;

  • Transfer services with our vip vehicles
  • Accomodation services in our 5 or 4 star contracted hotels
  • Native speaking personal assistants
  • Holiday packages (if requested)
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Patient Comments


I decided to go ahead with Dr. Fatma Soysuren after carefully reviewing my options. The initial reason for my choice was because she is an otolaryngologist. However, the minute I met her, I immediately realized that she is exactly the doctor I need. She is very qualified, calm, and self-confident. She explained to me all the details about my surgery, like how it is going to be and what should I do afterwards etc. Their services were amazing, too. They picked me up from the airport in a very nice car and dropped me off at my hotel. The hotel was in the center of the city and they could speak English so I did not have any language problems. I also have to talk about the hospital because it was insane. It was the most luxurious hospital I’ve ever seen and the rooms were so comfy. Overall, I can say that I’m very satisfied with my surgery and the service I received

Linda from the UK

I always wanted to have my nose done but it was not an easy decision for me. After much research, I’ve decided on Dr. Fatma Soysuren and went to Izmir for my surgery. From a to z, everything went really smooth and she and her team were professional. She explained everything to me everything and her team made me feel really at home. İzmir is a very lovely city by the way, the weather is nice, not so cold and the city has a lot of ancient cities to see. Apart from that, the surgery went really well, I did not have any casts to be removed due to her technique used in the surgery. And because of that, I only had to take 5 days off from work, which was something important for me. Right after I got back home, our connection stayed and her team explained to me what type of aftercare I should follow for a better healing process. Now, I feel much better with my new nose.

Angela from the Netherlands

I had my nose job with Dr. Fatma Soysuren two years ago and I’m so happy about it. After the surgery, I didn’t feel any pain, just little swelling; that’s all. Now, I like my nose from all angles, and the healing after the operation went really well. I gained my confidence back. I highly recommend Dr. Fatma Soysuren to anyone who is considering a Rhinoplasty.

Tom from Ireland

My experience from the beginning until the end was brilliant. I felt very well taken care of by the doctor Fatma Soysuren and her team. The city, the hotel, the hospital, everything was amazing. I couldn’t be happier about my new nose. I recommend everyone to choose Dr. Fatma Soysuren.

Josh from the UK

I had my upper and lower eyelid surgery at Dr. Fatma Soysuren’s clinic. Her professionalism and her care were the main reasons why I chose her among all the other doctors! She is very charming and a lovely person, also a very qualified surgeon! She explains to you everything you need to know about your surgery and her team takes care of the rest.

Jack from London

Patient care and their concerns are the most important elements at Dr. Fatma Soysuren’s clinic. I had my upper eyelid procedure with her and she was amazing. It was very short and painless. She took the time to explain the procedure and answer all my questions as I was complaining about how old my eyelid made me look. After the surgery, my face completely changed, I look younger and feel more confident. I can assure you that Dr. Fatma Soysuren is the best at what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Pamela from Ireland

Since my childhood, I have been ridiculed due to my very large ears and as a little girl, you can imagine how badly this affected me. When I finally decided to have my ears pinned back, I started my research for a surgeon and where to go!. I found Dr. Fatma Soysuren’s clinic in İzmir and after getting in touch with her clinic, I immediately made my decision to go ahead with her as her team was very professional while answering all of my questions about the surgery and the travel, and the all. The surgery did not last very long and all went well. After the bandages out, I was in tears as I got the look I always wanted. This is why I want to thank Dr. Fatma Soysuren and her team to make my dream came true!

Abby from the UK